Perceptions of getting fired, laid off, and accepting a severance package.

When I first got fired I was too embarrassed to tell. You have this big scarlet ‘F’ attached to you because one way or another, you got yourself fired. It’s your fault for being dumb enough to get fired. Except, I was “laid off” which made my situation seem better. People’s reactions were a little […]

We like you, but not enough to hire you.

Before I got “fired” or “laid off” I had been looking for a job. I had been looking for a job, on and off, for a year. The last five years was not a walk in the park. Many times I wanted to quit. A few of those times, my boss or owner knew. I […]

An Umployed Life.

Umployed is unemployed shortened. It sounds more dumb and sad than unemployed, but I think you can also make out the meaning of the name. I was also tired of thinking of usernames and messing them up so I have settled like a true 20-something year old. I am an unemployed millennial. I am shamed […]

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