Perceptions of getting fired, laid off, and accepting a severance package.

When I first got fired I was too embarrassed to tell. You have this big scarlet ‘F’ attached to you because one way or another, you got yourself fired. It’s your fault for being dumb enough to get fired.

Except, I was “laid off” which made my situation seem better. People’s reactions were a little different when I said fired VS laid off. Only dumb people get fired (this is a joke), but when you’re laid off – you’re still capable. This situation is not your fault, but the circumstances were just bad.

People’s reactions were even more different when I told them I got a severance package on top of being laid off. Apparently, I’ve practically won the lottery since I’m paid for work that I will not be performing.

Perhaps I did win the lottery of unemployment, but dare I say…

It does not make it any easier to explain this to my future employers, but it did it less embarrassing to tell my friends about my situation. Is this perception a real thing? Anybody else feel this way?

Lastly, for anyone that has gotten fired and it was not a good reason, I get it. Workers are usually not protected (hence the creation of unions) and many of us live in pro-employer states. We could get fired for wearing ugly shoes or even being ugly.

Til next time,

an unemployed millennial

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